LMA Emergency Perparedness

During a Landings Emergency, watch this space for updates on the storm situation in The Landings

Sarasota County Disaster Guide, click here.
Sarasota County Evacuation Zones, click here.
Sarasota County Hurricane Preparedness Information, click here.

LMA Storm Procedures
The LMA is not responsible for individuals’ safety or real or personal property.

The LMA will provide notices by e-mail and web site
updates provided cellular service is available.

Landings Storm Emergency

The LMA will notify all owners by an e-mail to their emergency e-mail address, that a storm emergency has been declared.

An Landings Emergency is declared when Sarasota County has declared a storm warning, the sustained winds are 35mph or over and expected to grow, and the Landings security contractor makes a decision to evacuate the Main Gatehouse.

In that event:

The North Gate and South Gate iron gates will be opened.
All gate arms will be removed.
The Main Gatehouse will be closed.
LMA will notify residents of Main Gatehouse closure via auto-call.

Landings Evacuation

In the event that Sarasota County declares a part of The Landings to be a mandatory evacuation zone, residents will be notified of the evacuation declaration via e-mail.

Residents with limited mobility who may have difficulty during an evacuation
should register with the County at 941-861-5000 BEFORE an impending storm.

Post Storm Actions

When safe to do so:

North and South iron gates will be closed.
Residents are notified by e-mail of closure.

When security staff returns, and the Main Gate has power:

Gate arms are replaced.
When North and South Gates have power and vehicle decal readers are operational, the North and South iron gates will be opened.Residents are notified by e-mail of restoration of normal operations.