The Landings’ First Annual Coast Cleanup was a superb day and a great success!

The Landings’ winding roads, large shade trees, neighborhood lakes, walking trails and access to Roberts Bay and Phillippi Creek provide an idyllic setting for enjoying the natural environment. There are approximately seven miles of paved streets/walking paths throughout the community. These streets contain 62 islands which are populated with old trees and landscaping. This adds to the relaxed, serene environment.

The nine lakes are a primary component of The Landings infrastructure. Many of the lakes are interconnected via canals to provide an equalizing effect for the water flow to the Bay. Fish and other wild life use the lakes and canals to travel from one lake to another. The lakes entice an abundance of waterfowl and wildlife. This provides residents with a great deal of enjoyment and incredible subjects for our resident photographers. Clearly the lakes are a critical aspect of the beautiful Landings mosaic. Our community prides itself on being good stewards of the environment by employing coastal Florida Best Practices in landscaping and maintenance.

Examples include using non-potable water for all residential and common area irrigation; use of environmentally approved mulches; systematic removal of invasive species; and protection of the Bay with responsible practices.


Eagles Nest Area (ENA)

The Eagles Nest Area is a 7.4 acre, 600 foot diameter circle which is located in the heart of The Landings, and backs up to 19 residential lots on Landings Blvd, Kestral Parkway South, Kestral Park Terrace and Landings Terrace. This property is owned and maintained by The Landings Management Association (LMA), the governing body of The Landings. During the time of the original Landings development this area was home to a family of eagles. This area remained undeveloped so that the eagles would not be disturbed.

Over the last few years, the LMA undertook significant steps to improve the area. Exotics were removed, drainage improved, new trees planted and mowing commenced. Today, the ENA is an environmentally sound preserve that is regularly maintained and is open to all residents to enjoy during daylight hours.

Tips From a Master Gardener


The natural environment, including mature trees, palms and other plantings in The Landings, makes it one of the most beautiful and serene communities in Sarasota. Whether you live in a home, treehouse, villa, carriage house or, a high-rise condominium there are ways to enhance your own home with plantings suited to your unique situation.

In planting a yard or planting a decorative container the first consideration to keep in mind is “Right Plant, Right Place.” This is one of the nine principles of the

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook, A Guide to Florida - Friendly Landscaping. The FYN Handbook provides helpful concepts, tools and techniques to guide you. (The FYN Handbook is available on line at http://fyn.ifas.ufl.edu/ )

​For assistance with gardening or plant-related questions the following resources are helpful: 

UF/IFAS Sarasota Extension Twin Lakes Park, 
6700 Clark Road Sarasota, FL 34241
(941) 861 - 9900 FAX (941) 861 - 9886



Three days per year residents are encouraged to bring any hazardous waste materials to a collection point within the Landings. From there it is transported to the Sarasota County hazardous waste site. Call 941-927-6464, ext-110 to register to be included in the next haul date. 

Please do not hesitate to use this very popular service provided by your neighbors.