The Landings Eagles Nest Area (ENA)

The Eagles Next Area (the “ENA”) is a 7.4-acre common area in The Landings maintained by the Landings Management Association (the “LMA).  All owners in The Landings pay an Annual Assessment, a portion of which is used to maintain the ENA.  

The original purpose of the ENA was to continue to serve as a nesting area for eagles and the use of the area was restricted to walking and observation of the eagles’ nest(s) and subject to governmental environmental restrictions.  Since eagles have not nested in this area for 20+ years, the restrictions on the use of the ENA could be modified to expand the scope of the limited amenities currently available in this area.  Any changes to the restrictions governing the ENA must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Presidents of every component association of The Landings.

A revision to The Landings governing documents in 2010 resulted in a lawsuit from owners of properties abutting the ENA, which ended in early 2012 with a settlement containing provisions contained in an exhibit (click here for the exhibit).

In 2020, a committee was tasked with surveying the preferences of Landings owners regarding possible future uses of the ENA (the “Committee”).  The Committee met several times and created a 10-question survey distributed to the 700 Landings owners.  The Committee received roughly 250 completed surveys -- a 36% response rate.

The summary report made by the Committee to the Board of LMA at its December 2020 meeting is available here.  Any addition or changes to be made within the ENA will require a vote of the LMA Board and may require a change in the LMA governing documents.